Create A Custom Meal Plan

Follow this Guide to Write A Custom Meal Plan Using Food That You Like To Eat. Select Your Favorite Foods & Use Them To Create Balanced Meals And Snacks.

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PART 1: Choose The Food That You Like To Eat

Select the food that you like to eat from each food category below:

PART 2A: Create Your Meals & Snacks

Make a list of meals and snacks using the food that you selected above from each category. For Meals - select a food from 3+ food categories. For Snacks - select a food from 1+ food categories.
Ex: Egg Sandwich with fruit = Banana (Fruit) + Whole Wheat Bread (Whole Grain) + Onion, Mushrooms & Peppers (Vegetables) + Eggs (Protein) + Low Fat Cheddar Cheese (Dairy)
Ex: Salad Bowl: Lettuce, Cabbage, Spinach (Vegetables), Feta cheese (Dairy), Grilled Chicken (Protein), Quinoa (Whole Grain), Cranberries (Fruit)
Ex: Almonds (Protein); Apple (Fruit); Celery (Vegetable) + Hummus (Protein); Peanut Butter (Protein) + Banana (Fruit); Greek Yoghurt (Dairy) + Blueberries (Fruit);

PART 2A: Schedule Your Meals & Snacks

Let's make a plan for when you want to eat your meals and snacks. Try to space out your meals and snacks so that you are eating every 2-4 hours.
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