Group Fitness Class Schedule Transfitnation Smithtown

Overview Of Our Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes are offered online and in-person at our Smithtown personal training Studio location. These are one-hour long workouts that include full-body exercises designed to burn fat, build muscle and improve mobility.

Group Fitness Class Themes

There are three class themes, which rotate days every month. Class themes include:

1. Max Strength: Build strength and muscle in this class by working within a lower rep range for exercises varying in levels of stability. This class will push you to new limits as your coach guides you through safe and effective progressions to get you lifting heavier and while muscle.

2. High Intensity: This class will get your heart-rate up and raise your aerobic threshold while burining body fat. We will challenge you with varying work and rest times throughout this fast-paced workout.

3. Stability/Endurance: Burn fat and build muscle while improving balance and mobility in this class. We focus on lifting within a higher repetition range for slower movements using increased levels of instability. This class will challenge your neuromuscular system by supporting muscular development, balance, and excellent posture.

What To Expect

Every class is instructed by a certified personal trainer. Our group classes are small classes with a maximum of 10 people per class. Most classes will average 3-6 people per class, which allows of direct attention from the trainer. Each workout is customized based on the current participants in each class. For example, we may give you three variations of an exercise to choose based on your fitness level and abilities.

The format for each class includes:

  • 10-15 minute corrective exercise warm-up
  • 40-45 minute workout
  • 5-minute cool-down

We support a welcoming community in our classes and encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to join! We do ask that you speak to us before joining a class if you have any pain or postural limitations, as this may require an individual assessment and/or one-on-one training prior to joining a group fitness class.