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Transfitnation and Steve’s team is outstanding. I began training at Transfitnation in April and transitioned to virtual training with Steve. He is extremely knowledgable and I have learned to do things that I have not been able to master previously. I was never able to hold a plank for more than a few seconds and could not breathe. He taught me how to breathe while holding a plank and I now can hold a plank for a minute and more some days. Through his nutrition guidance he assisted me in losing 12 pounds in 8 months. I have more energy and stamina.

Dorothy P. | 5-Star Google Review

Transfitnation is made up of a group of hard-working, well-versed, and knowledgeable trainers. I came into training wanting to work on my strength, and they all gave me the tools and techniques to accomplish my goals. I still have plenty to work on and I always look forward to my sessions to push myself to be the best me. I couldn’t do it without these guys. It’s truly life changing. If you’re looking for good personalities, honest people, safe and well-rounded training…this is the place! They will help to polish your strengths and fix your weaknesses (no matter what those may be).

Marissa R. | 5-Star Google Review

I have been using Transfitnation for 3 months and love it! I’ve worked with Steve, Sterling, and Julian, and all of them have been professional and helped me make great progress towards my goals! I’ve done in person trainings as well as Zoom trainings, and felt that the quality of the training and workout is consistent between both!

Savannah F. | 5-Star Google Review

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Julien, Sterling, and Steve helped me reach my goal of fitting into my wedding dress and feeling my best on my big day. I continue to train with them even post wedding Sterling and Julien are like super wonderful supportive brothers who will also push you. Steve is super tough on you and pushes as hard as you can go without killing you haha! Couldn’t ask for a better team to help me reach my goals!

Ashley D. | 5-Star Google Review

I have been going to Tranafitnation for almost a year. I was hesitant to start personal training because I didn’t want all eyes on me during a workout, but the extra eyes helps fix my form, improved my posture and pushed me more than I would ever do on my own.

Lindsey S. | 5-Star Google Review

It’s been 2 years since I started with Steve. Couldn’t be happier about results, 40lbs and 10inch off my waist. Look forward to working out all the time, truly a life changing experience. Never too late to start, I’m 58 and never looked better.

Thomas B. | 5-Star Google Review

Helped me with my eating and keep me motivated to achieve my goals!

Chris H. | 5-Star Google Review

If you are looking for an immaculate, personal, professional and fun gym to meet your goals, Transfitnation in Smithtown is the place. Steve and Sterling have knowledge beyond the typical big box gym instructor. I am so happy to have found TransFitNation, I will be a long term client!!

Carla C. | 5-Star Google Review

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Steve, Julien and Sterling are excellent trainers. I have been working with Transfitnation for over a year and can honestly say that compared to other trainers I have used these guys are the best. With a variety of different training platforms, workout options and a well setup space I never get bored with the workouts that are personalized just for me. I HIGHLY recommend these guys if you are looking to get into shape in a safe comfortable environment where you are not surrounded by alot of other people as you are in a gym setting.

Maria L. | 5-Star Google Review

In 2020 I decided to make a change to better myself. Steve was great help in pointing me in the right direction Transfitnation. I was able to lose 30lbs within the year thanks to his constant support and guidance. I would highly recommend Transfitnation for anyone thinking about making a lifestyle change foe the better.

Jancy A. | 5-Star Google Review

I started going to Transfitnation about 2 months ago. I have trained with all three of the trainers due to my schedule and each one of them are great. Each brings something different to the table but the end goal is the same. I truly do enjoy my time when I am there and feel that I am in the best shape of my life. Steve has also helped me with my eating habits which was very helpful. I highly recommend this group.

Jack S. | 5-Star Google Review

Steve and his team paid great attention to my needs and worked me hard. I learned a lot that I use going forward. I highly recommend them.

Anthony M. | 5-Star Google Review

Been going for about 5 months, definitely see results. Steve, Julien and Sterling are very helpful. Flexible scheduling and reasonable pricing.

Peter N. | 5-Star Google Review

Improve Your Posture, Lose Weight & Get Stronger

Helped me get in shape and leaner with increased muscle mass

Steven F. | 5-Star Google Review

It is a pleasure to share my feelings regarding Transfitnation. I have been a client of Steve Dell’Amore since he formed his company. I have complete faith and trust in his efficacy as a trainer and in his character as a professional and as a human being. Steve has great integrity and true concern for the health and well being of his clients. He has the knowledge to back up his practice and has added excellent staff to his company. To date, I have enjoyed working with Steve and Julian and I would recommend these guys and this Transfitnation to anyone I care about.

Diane D. | 5-Star Google Review

I have had a very positive experience working with the trainers at Transfitnation. I am in my 50s and I didn’t think that I would be able to get through one session- I was Wrong! The trainers here are awesome and very experienced and tailor a program to fit your needs and will answer any questions or concerns you have with nutrition. Every week I am feeling stronger and looking leaner. Definitely recommend you to give Transfitnation a try!

Josephine V. | 5-Star Google Review

This place is awesome!! All of the trainers are super dedicated and professional. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a personal trainer. Can’t thank Transfitnation enough for helping me grow and transform into the person I want to be!!

Kyle S. | 5-Star Google Review

I’ve been going to personal training for six months, being trained by Julien. Julien helped me move better and feel better. I am now able to walk on the beach without pain in my arthritic ankle. I feel great! Julien has been patient with me and his workouts are always enjoyable even as he pushes me to new goals.

Jim D. | 5-Star Google Review

I’ve been training with Steve for over a year now and he is great! He is helping me accomplish my fitness goals and also provides great advice when it comes to nutrition as well. I enjoy the workouts and I am motivated whenever I am training with Steve. If your looking for a trainer, definitely check out Transfitnation!

Jordan G. | 5-Star Google Review

The trainers created a custom program that worked for me. They listened and cared about my well being.

Bert S. | 5-Star Google Review

I have been working with Steve for two years now and he is hands down the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. He really took the time to understand my fitness goals and abilities and is very capable of catering to anyone at any fitness level. Even in virtual group classes, Steve really personalizes the workout for everyone. I have achieved results I never thought would be possible. I also really appreciate the flexibility in scheduling as I have a frequently changing schedule.

Nicole N. | 5-Star Google Review

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Steve & Julien are great trainers and set workouts individually to the needs I was looking for. After interviewing over a dozen other trainers, I would highly recommend them!

Mark F. | 5-Star Google Review

I love Transfination. It is honestly the best decision I ever made. I feel physically and mentally stronger each day. I truly have the best trainers and support system; shout out to Sterling and Steve who are just amazing at what they do. I used to dread going to my local gym, and now I look forward to working out thanks to this team at Transfitnation. I used to suffer from constant chronic back pain, which has now subsided thanks to the stretching and work outs. Look no more, this is the place to be. Check them out, you will not regret it.

Brenda R. | 5-Star Google Review

I’ve been training with Steve for about 2 years thru Transfitnation- remotely since Covid, via Skype and the Transfitnation App. What I like the most is that Steve is attentive to my needs, limitations (both my physical limitations and my age – I’m a senior citizen ) and takes a personal interest in my development. His workouts are designed to target my weak areas and increase my flexibility after years of sitting at a desk on a computer. The workouts are custom designed and the exercises are varied so that you aren’t performing the same routines. In addition Steve has monitored and mentored me on eating habits and the importance of combining proper eating habits and strength training to achieve my goals. Steve is very professional and personable. He exerts the right amount of encouragement during workouts without being obnoxious (as some trainers can be), but still pushes me to reach my maximum effort. Our Skype sessions start off with a recap of what I’ve done since our last “in person” training including workouts, eating trends/weight goals, and physical issues and a discussion of how to overcome any shortfalls or issues. I highly recommend Steve and Transfitnation to everyone of any age group.

Bill C. | 5-Star Google Review

After giving birth and gaining alot of weight during my pregnancy I could not wait to get back in shape. Finding the right gym and trainer was very important to me. I found the perfect gym and trainers here! They personalize the workout to each client. I highly recommend them.

Danielle F. | 5-Star Google Review

It is with great pleasure I write this review about Transfitnation. I started feeling very weak and out of shape. Their persistence has kept me focused and committed on my personal growth. They have provided great guidance not only in my strength but in my nutritional habits. Their personal training sessions has kept me progressing consistently and the results have been fantastic.

Karla B. | 5-Star Google Review

I had my first training session with Steve today and it went really well. We were able to fix my squat posture in one session. I am confident he will be able to get me on track to hit my goals.

Michael C. | 5-Star Google Review

I was seeking a personal trainer after gaining weight and very little exercise during the pandemic lockdown. I did not want the typical “gym” experience since I was injured in the past while using an inexperienced trainer, with a one-size-fits-all approach. I found Transfitnation online and went for a free consultation. I signed up for three days per week and have been working with Steve or Julien since January 1st. I lost the weight I had gained and, equally important, gained strength and balance. My workout was customized for me and in 4 months have not had any pain in my shoulder and lower back which were typically weak spots. Steve and Julien are professional, competent and friendly. It is a no-judgement zone. My daughter has also joined and sees a benefit when competing in sports. I am very happy with my results and signed up for additional months.

Jill M. | 5-Star Google Review

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Steve is a true professional. He has a perfect understanding of biomechanics and really knows how to tailor a program to the client’s personal fitness goals.

I’ve been training with him for over 4 months and my results have been beyond what I imagined I could do – consistent increases in strength week after week with no plateaus.

His particular method of functional training incorporates both traditional exercise forms like squats and bench press along with many stability exercises that I would not have otherwise done on my own. The variation and progression keeps me interested because I know that a have a new circuit to look forward to every week.

Jesse D. | 5-Star Google Review

I’ve been training there for over 2 years and it is very helpful and enjoyable.

Kyle K. | 5-Star Google Review

I train here and it’s a good size place to train at. The trainer really pushes you through your workout and you can ask him anything you need and he will have an answer. Very informed about working out and I would really recommend giving this place a try!

Chris G. | 5-Star Google Review

I had only been working out with Steve for about two months when COVID shut everything down. When he said we could work out virtually I was a little skeptical wondering if I would get as good a workout at home. Well I was so wrong. With a stability ball and investing in some workout bands working out virtually is just as challenging and effective as if in the studio. Also working out at home you don’t have to put makeup on or comb your hair. 😉😄

Barbara M. | 5-Star Google Review

I tried Transfitnation using a Groupon for 5 sessions. Steve was so great that I’ve been working with him for over 3 months now. He has a variety of packages that are reasonably priced. He really knows my body and prescribes exercises that target muscles that are weak or help keep me in balance. He’s smart and will tell me to stop an exercise if I’m using the wrong muscles. He knows my limits, but also challenges me when he feels I could do more (and turns out, I can!). When I started with Steve, I was having back and hip pain at work. The pain is now gone and I feel SO much better and stronger. I’m also a medical professional and highly critical and I highly recommend training with Transfitnation. Schedule your appointment today – you won’t regret it! A trainer this in tune with your body and limits is hard to find!

Jen W. | 5-Star Google Review

I am so grateful that I found this place! I always wanted to lose around 15 pounds and tone up. I have tried so many different places with classes and trainers and nothing ever worked. I met with Melissa and she is so welcoming and she really cares about my goals. I have been training with her for a few weeks now and I have already seen a difference. Boy! Does she push you and makes it so enjoyable at the same time. She went over meal prepping and how to eat healtier while still enjoy life and going out. She just competed in the fitness show in brooklyn and placed in the top so this girl knows what she is doing. Looking forward to all my workout sessions. Thank you Melissa! and Transfitnation. 🙂

Katie J. | 5-Star Google Review

Achieve A Healthy, Fulfilling Life

Been seeing Steve for a couple years, great trainer and motivator! Will help you hit your goals, down 80+ lbs so far.

Dan L. | 5-Star Google Review

I would highly recommend Steve for anyone who wants to take the extra step to improve their lives. Steve is very knowledgable in many aspects of personal training- from hardcore strength training to relaxing yoga, Steve has the experience to help you on your fitness journey. Steve works tirelessly to ensure that he creates a unique program, tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is strength training, weight loss, weight gain, as well as dietary/nutrition advice. Steve’s schedule is flexible and has allowed me to schedule my training with him around my schedule. Steve has made me realize that I am capable of so much more than I originally believed possible.

Ryan W. | 5-Star Google Review

Steve is the best personal trainer that I have ever had. He is knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology and customizes my workout to achieve the best possible results. I like to able to workout one-on-one with a trainer in a comfortable environment without the distractions of being in a large gym. If you want to gain strength, lose weight and get healthy eating information, join Transfitnation!

Jovanna L. | 5-Star Google Review

I really appreciate the work you are doing with my son. I am really very happy with your work 100% I recommend they are doing an excellent job with my 14 year old son who was overweight I am very happy and very happy with the results in a short time professionalism and everything that leads to exercise with my son Thank you very much. Thank you Steven

Cecilia H. | 5-Star Google Review

Steve pushes you just the right amount and helps you reach your goals. I’ve learned that I am capable of so much more than what I do when I work out by myself. The studio is a clean and welcoming place to workout. I would highly recommend.

Jenna S. | 5-Star Google Review

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to my trainer Steve for all that he has done to help me. After struggling with my weight due to health issues and injuries I met with him and I decided to give it a try. Little did I know the results that I was able to accomplish. With him by my side pushing me and motivating me I have transformed myself in a way I never thought would happen. I am stronger, healthy, lost weight and almost pain free. I could not have done it alone and I highly recommend him. Definitely worth it

Lorraine B. | 5-Star Google Review

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