5 Goal Setting Tips To Get Your Body In Shape

Having a clear goal & making small changes to your eating habits, exercise and lifestyle are essential. Here are 5 goal setting tips that will get you in shape.



1. Set a Goal:

Setting a goal is the first step towards making a change that will last. Follow these guidelines to make sure your goal is clearly defined:

  A. Be Specific – Where you want to be when you reach your goal? Example – I want to lose 5 pounds of body fat.

   B. Measure Your Progress – How will your track your progress? Example – I will weigh-in once per week

   C. Achievable – What steps will you take to reach your goal? Example – I will exercise three times per week and improve my diet.

   D. Realistic – Make sure your goal is realistic. Example – It possible to lose between 1 – 2 pounds per week.

   E. Time-Frame – When do you want to reach your goal? Example – I want to lose 5 pounds by next month.

2. Turn Unhealthy Habits into Healthy Ones:

Unhealthy habits can be obstacles that hold you back from reaching your goals. Below is a list of unhealthy habits that you may have. In order change a habit, you must first be aware of what is causing the habit to occur (the cue). Habits usually involve a reward that reinforces the behavior. Understanding  why your habits occur and how you help or hurt you is important for managing the unhealthy ones.

   A. The Cue:

Once you identify the habit, focus on the “Cue” that occurs with the habit. Cues can include: Time, Location, People, Emotions, or Actions. Look for which of the cues are constant every time the habit occurs.

   B. The Reward: What does the habit satisfy for you? Ex: Does hitting the snooze alarm give you satisfaction that you can sleep in for an extra five minutes without missing work? Try substituting your reward with a different one. Ex: Wake up during the first alarm and spend 5 minutes stretching. Does this give you the same satisfaction as before?

   C. Create a Routine: Choose a new routine that is triggered by the cue: Example: I will get 7-8 hours of sleep each night and stretch every morning when my first alarm wakes me up.

Examples of Unhealthy Habits:


3. Track your Steps & Move More:


Make exercise part of your lifestyle! Start simple by tracking your steps each day. Calculate your average steps per day and set a goal to increase this number each week. Remember to consult your doctor, if you have pain or discomfort while increasing your exercise frequency.

4. Eat Smarter:


Eating less processed food and more fresh food will give you more energy and make you feel much better. Focus on nutrient dense food and include a variety of food on your plate including: whole grains, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, and lean protein.

5. Manage your Stress Better:

Take a deep breath and relax. Stress can be a good motivator to keep us going, but too much of it can lead to problems for our health and wellbeing. It is important take a break when you are feeling overwhelmed.

When you are feeling stressed, try to relax your muscles and focus on your breathing. Take five-slow, deep breaths and feel the air fill your lungs as your belly expands.

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