Stephan Reyes Named Person of the Year 2023

Stephan Reyes was honored as TBR News Media’s Person of the Year for 2023. Stephan’s commitment goes beyond early morning sessions. He strives for holistic well-being. Testimonials from his clients highlight the transformative impact that Stephan has on each of their lives. Celebrating Stephan is recognizing the countless lives positively transformed through his dedication and expertise.

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The Trainer Behind the Transformations

Stephan Reyes is a Certified Personal Trainer and Human Movement Specialist at Transfitnation Personal Training in Smithtown. He is certified through the Brookbush Institute and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management from SUNY Oneonta. Stephan has experience with injury prevention and recovery, weight loss, strength & conditioning training, and corrective exercise. Stephan is an extremely skilled and knowledgeable trainer and in closing out 2023, was recognized as one of TBR News Media’s People of the Year.

A Day in the Life of Stephan Reyes

Steven Zaitz, a writer for TBR News Media and client of Stephan, recognizes Stephan’s commitment to his role at Transfitnation. In his article, Zaitz describes Stephan as an early riser who is “fully prepared to improve the mind, body and soul” of each of his clients (Zaitz, 2023). 

Stephan and Transfitnation strive for more than just a better-looking body. The ultimate goal is for clients to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Achieving this goal requires Stephan and our personal training team to push for all-around healthful, sustainable, and repeatable lifestyle choices.

Stephan’s Impact

Stephan’s clients know him for the positive and friendly energy he brings to the studio. He makes sure you are having fun, even when you are being pushed to perform at the highest level while providing encouragement and feedback throughout the whole process (Zaitz, 2023). Take a peek behind the curtain and see how Stephan has impacted his widely varied clients!


Stephan Reyes training Jerry

Jerry Varrichio: Since starting at Transfitnation 18 months ago, Jerry (age 22) has seen a reduction of his body fat by 10% (Zaitz, 2023).

Jerry described the impact that Transfitnation has had on his mind and body when interviewed by Zaitz. Jerry stated that he “lost a lot of weight” and that he feels “better” about himself after each workout (as cited in Zaitz, 2023).

Stephan training Tatiana

Tatianna Morisseau: Tatiana (age 32) signed up to work with a personal trainer at Transfitnation after struggling to overcome lipedema (Zaitz, 2023). Lipedema is a long-term (chronic) health condition in which fat builds up in your lower body, especially in the legs (Lipedema, 2023).

During an interview with Zaitz, Tatiana described how she struggled to see results due to the lipedema. After she started training with Stephan, Tatiana stated that she began to feel “happy” about the changes that she was making to her body composition. Tatiana states that Transfitnation was “the best decision I’ve ever made” (as cited in Zaitz, 2023). 

Stephan training Tom

Tom Bernard: Tom (age 60) is a local to Smithtown and the owner of Rockwell’s Bar and Grill. Tom began training at Transfitnation several years ago and initially struggled to lose weight. He started at 225 pounds and didn’t have the healthiest lifestyle. After making the necessary changes to his eating and exercise habits, Tom started seeing results (Zaitz, 2023). Tom is down over 35 pounds and has completely transformed his body. In an interview with Zaitz, Tom described how Stephan taught him the “correct form” and helped his metabolism operate “like a jet engine” (as cited in Zaitz, 2023). Tom now enjoys being able to eat whatever he wants while continuing to see results (Zaitz, 2023). 

Stephan training Jean

Jean Francois: Jean started training at Transfitnation with a goal of losing weight. Then he started training, he weighted in at around 300 pounds. Over the course of his 1 year weight loss journey, Jean lost over 60 pounds and saw a 20 percent drop in body fat (Zaitz, 2023).

During an interview with Zaitz, Jean describes the feeling of being told by his doctor that he was no longer obese. Jean stated that he was “crying with tears of joy” and describes the moment as one of the “happiest moments” of his life (as cited in Zaitz, 2023). 

Stephan’s Personal Touch

Stephan always goes above and beyond, whether he’s writing custom training plans for every one of his clients or motivating them to complete an extra rep during their workout. Stephan loves what he does and everybody who meets him can see it.

During an interview with Zaitz, Stephan described what he loves most about his job. He loves positively impacting his clients and guiding them towards making positive changes to their habits and lifestyles (as cited in Zaitz, 2023).  

TBR News Media

TBR News Media is a local media company consisting of seven different weekly newspapers serving the North Shore of Suffolk County, Long Island, from Cold Spring Harbor to Wading River. They cover a variety of topics including news, sports, arts & lifestyle, opinion, police, community, real estate, and more. Stephan was surprised to find out he was TBR News’s Person of the Year but for anyone who knows or trains with Stephan, it is no surprise at all. Our team at Transfitnation would like to thank Steven Zaitz and TBR News Media for showcasing Stephan and our team’s success in their article.

A Transformative Trainer

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Human Movement Specialist, Stephan’s commitment extends beyond morning sessions. It’s a dedication to guiding individuals toward holistic well-being. From guiding clients towards weight loss to helping others improve their overall health, Stephan is much more than your average trainer. Celebrating Stephan isn’t just recognizing a professional, it’s acknowledging the countless lives positively transformed. We are proud to have Stephan as a member of our team here at Transfitnation!

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