Calorie Intake Plan For Weight Loss, Gains & Maintenance

Our Calorie Intake Plan Helps You Calculate The Total Calories Needed To Reach Your Weight Goals. Lose Weight, Gain Weight or Maintain Weight with Success. It’s Time To Improve Your Nutrition & Start Eating Smarter!


Daily Calorie Intake Calculator:

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My Daily Calorie Intake Plan

Part 1A - Calculate The Total Calories Needed to Reach Your Goal

**Select the calorie range from the calculator above based on your weight goal.

Part 1B - Divide Your Daily Calories Into Meals & Snacks

Meals should be 300+ calories. Snacks should be 100+ calories. Weight Loss Example: 3 Meals @ 300 calories + 3 Snacks @ 100 calories = 1200 calories per day.

Part 2 - Calculate The Total Calories For Each Meal & Snack

Using the list of meals and snacks from your Custom Meal Plan, we will determine the portion size. If you haven't made a meal plan, you can make one here:

Food Calorie Database:

Use the food calorie database as a resource to calculate the calories in each meal and snack that you list below.


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